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Placement & Referral Service for Seniors and Mentally Disabled

SonCares Promise

Care-agency that deals with referral and placement of senior and mentally disabled individuals. I started this agency in the hopes of truly reinventing this industry. My new business model will ensure full fairness to both the clients and as well as for the care-agencies. This is my promise!

About me: Owner


Hello! My name is Mike Raj. Currently a part-time student at Andrews University. I have bachelors in Horticulture Technology. I look forward to complete preliminary work in Biochemistry. I have around ~8 years of experience has a care-taker/caregiver for the elderly and the mentally disabled. All those years I worked under the leadership of my mom and sister. Both have their own business located in Berrien Springs, MI. They have been a constant source of inspiration and I truly admire their commitment to caring for the weak. This unwavering commitment they consider as a Christian service. This inspired me to start a similar business, catering for the same industry. My company fills in the void and trades in information and helps clients to be placed in a safe comfortable environment, where they can enjoy remaining life with ease and complete satisfaction. With true sense of retirement from regular life.


This business was especially set-up for helping specifically the elderly, and also the under-developed for find a suitable housing. A place for shelter, comfort, pleasant and dignified living. I look forward to helping you, meet your goals! God bless!